Our Team


Founder & Executive Director, (she/her)

Kimiya Factory is the Executive Director of Black Freedom Factory, an organization that encourages data-driven activism, redefines professionalism for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ communities and youth, and dismantles racial inequity across the state of Texas. She also leads and is the co-founder of the #ChangeRapeCulture movement, which challenges Title IX policies regarding structural violence and sexual misconduct at institutions across San Antonio, and she is the Central Texas Regional Organizer for Black Voters Matter. Kimiya is actively engaged in many nationwide grassroots efforts that support vulnerable populations and has been a recurring political commentator for CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, The Grio and been featured in The New York Times, as well as local Texas news media.

Sofia Sanchez Zuani

Social Media Coordinator, (she/they)

Sofia Sanchez Zuani is the Social Media Coordinator of Black Freedom Factory, handling marketing and communications. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Civic Engagement.

Zuani has furthered her passion and dedication toward community as an advocate and ally with concentrations in social justice, progressive causes, photography, and creative digital content. Her collaborations in the grassroots San Antonio community have led her to work and organize with the San Antonio Women’s March, voting registration campaign’s such as Turn Out Texas, and #ChangeRapeCulture an organization dedicated to challenging sexual misconduct and supporting survivors.

She is also the Founder and Photographer of Ojo de Sofia and captures Black Freedom Factory doing the work. Sofia is first-generation in a Mexican family, the eldest daughter of three and identifies as a Queer Latina. Along with photography, she loves learning and cooking new recipes, painting and being both a plant and cat mom to two fur babies, Freddie and Frida. She hopes to use the knowledge and skills she’s gained in her experiences to continue cultivating and capturing safe spaces for marginalized communities.

Jahnavi Nikkam

Policy & Data Administrator, (she/her)

Jahnavi Nikkam is the Policy & Data Administrator of Black Freedom Factory. She currently is a senior at Trinity University, graduating in May 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Sociology.

She is a daughter of Indian immigrants and is very passionate about nuanced dialogue in intersectional social advocacy. Her role as Dialogue Chair and President of Trinity Diversity Connection has provided her the opportunity to educate students on current events and social justice issues.

Her work with Tigers Against Aramark fought against the prison industrial complex and enabled Trinity to rethink what on-campus dining can look like in a way that encompasses the university’s DEI goals. Previously, she worked as a legal assistant at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law through the Hickton Center for Community Legal Services and Clinical Legal Education. There, she helped immigrants requesting asylum, individuals seeking special protection under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), refugees, immigrant women and child survivors of domestic violence, and other immigrant populations.

She loves to dance Bharatanatyam, sing Carnatic music and hopes to utilize her skills to create instrumental change in spaces of vulnerability.

Karizma Cedillo Williams

Program Coordinator of Circles in da Hood, (she/her)

Karizma Cedillo Williams is the Program Coordinator of Circles in the Hood with Black Freedom Factory. Facilitating and organizing Circles In Da Hood, a youth lead program that founded itself within the San Antonio community. As one of the youth in Circles In Da Hood, she witnessed several of the resources and tools her community needed. With the help of the San Antonio community and the support from her Circles In Da Hood family, Karizma is a highschool graduate, and looks forward to studying Sociology at San Antonio College. 

Karizma’s dedication and passion lies with her community and being true to her experience. She is one to make sure that the youth, their families and individuals in San Antonio have the necessary tools and resources to break the cycles of generational trauma. Karizma is a proud Afro-Latina recovering lost traditions and making new ones. Along with engaging with the community, she also enjoys finding ways to keep herself grounded.