Texas Heat Mutual Aid Initiative

By upholding one of our Pillars of Influence – Homelessness and Gentrification – Black Freedom Factory is proud to announce the Texas Heat Mutual Aid Initiative.

In our mission to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the city of San Antonio, the initiative will focus on providing the homeless community with resources via grassroots mutual aid efforts that will extend throughout the summer months.

Community Support

In partnership with other local grassroots organizations doing the work, support of the homeless community through the Texas Heat Wave Initiative will include:

This initiative will aid our vulnerable communities with an informed-data method that encourages access to data and information about the systemic obstacles that further marginalize our communities. Also included will be identifying factors of community, that can further aid the discussion about the intersection of outreach and vulnerability.

Defining terms for community through prepared literature, consistently surveying recipients about what is needed to beat the Texas Heat Wave, and encouraging civic engagement will be available during distribution.


Support Your COmmunity

Contribute to the Texas Heat Mutual Aid Initiative: